GROUPE ITEC Industrial advances for the success of our customers.

The ITEC Group is a recognized national player in the consulting, design, integration and production of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies, low-voltage electrical distribution systems, low-voltage main switchboards, cabinets, boxes and electrical panels for industry, infrastructure and the service sector.

The switchboard has its signature

The group is part of a constant evolution combining strategic development thinking and common sense, carried by values of innovation, commitment, technicality and collaboration. The dialogue that we establish during the definition of products, our reactivity, our tailor-made solutions, our final accompaniment are real strengths at the service of your performance for over 25 years.

Together, making your project a success

  1. Taking charge of your project

    Our will is to adapt every day to the demand of our customers and to answer their constraints in the best way.
    The reactivity of our project managers to technical and commercial requirements, their experience and knowledge of our business, are the guarantee of optimal solutions.

  2. Answer to your need

    Our Design Office intervenes from the definition of technical files to the interface with the production workshops. The studies, designs and research of solutions are carried out by a professional team that is constantly listening to the needs of the present and the future.

  3. Putting into production

    At our production sites, experienced teams work according to rational, simple and standardized methods while remaining flexible to changing needs. Each manufactured table is exhaustively and normatively controlled by trained and specialized operators.

  4. Integration

    The dialogue established by our engineers and technicians during the definition of the products, the response time and reaction to the requirements, the particular solutions that we provide and our possible accompaniment on final installations are real strengths in the service of your performance.

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Work zones


Verrières en Anjou

3 rue du Déry, ZA Les Fousseaux
49480 Verrières en Anjou


Itec is driven by a culture of know-how, founded on the principles of strong cohesion between teams. We rely on our agility, our innovation and our collective performance in order to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers. Each employee is encouraged to make their contribution. Everyone is a development actor and can see their ideas come true.

Our products & solutions

Each product is a unique piece, designed to respond as effectively as possible to the specific and evolving needs of our client.

Switchboard MAINE

IS 233 forme 4B

Maine allows the outgoing feeder of the rack in operation to be added or replaced.

ICONEC distributor

Evolution without interruption

All our switchboards are equipped with our Iconec distributor which allows the evolution under voltage and significantly prolongs the service life of the equipment

Switchboard LOIRE

IS 333

Loire allows the outgoing feeder of the rack in operation to be added or replaced.


Temperature rise detector

Thanks to its component degradation detection function in the event of abnormal heating, it prevents fires, whether slowly progressing fires or electric origin fires.

Free-standing frame HYRÔME

IS 223 – forme 2B

Free-standing frame for wall or floor mounting. Designed for distribution in a technical local.

Switchboard MAYENNE

IS 223

Mayenne allows the outgoing feeder of the rack in operation to be added or replaced.

Switchboard AUTHION

IS 231 & IS 232

Authion is a fixed switchboard, its service index varies according to the type of circuit breaker used.

250A Power terminal

Increases distribution possibilities

In addition to and in association with Iconec, the 250A power supply terminal increases the possibilities of distribution in our tables

Switchboard ITEC SYSTEME 5.0

Switchboard ITEC SYSTEM « Industrial breakthroughs for the success of our customers »

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You have a project,
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