Universal lamp test unit

Modular box providing lamp test functions, compatible with all types of motherboards – CM01 – CMS01 – CM02 – CT02 – MCVI. It has the basic functionality of a CM01 type motherboard. Simplified wiring (1 wire) for controlling the other cards appearing in the same board.

An operation led :

  1. On = activated
  2. Flashing = lamp test in progress
  3. 30 to 280s test
  • A R / V or G/R selector for “Bus MSS01N”.
  • A potentiometer for adjusting the duration of the lamp test (approximately 30s to 280s)
  • A 6-point connector (double connections) for connecting the 2 dry contact outputs (220A AC – 48 DC / 1A maximum, if a lamp test relay from a different source is required.

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Common Solutions

MSC02N ou NS

Signaling module

Module allowing, simultaneously, the remote report and local signaling of the state of a circuit breaker;


Motherboard – repeater

Repeater card for connecting 1 to 32 modular MSC02, MSC02N or MSC02-V2 signaling modules.


Control and display module

Local or remote control and display module for a motorized assembly or controlled by a contactor.


Concentrator for MSC02N

Hub card allowing, on 1 single address, the acquisition of 1 to 32 modular signaling modules MSC02, MSC02N or MSC02-V2.


Concentrator equipped with 9 outputs

Hub card allowing, on 1 single address, the acquisition of 1 to 32 modular signaling modules MSC02, MSC02N or MSC02-V2. + control of 9 relay outputs on dry contacts.


Solution for blind synthesis

Concentrator 24 inputs 12F + 12 Specific faults for the entire Iconecs range or for any modular assembly.


Solution for synthesis with local indicator light

Modular local signaling indicator allowing, simultaneously, the remote transfer of all devices connected to the same bus and a dry changeover contact for faults.


Concentrator for 18 discrete information

Concentrator card for 18 standard logic inputs for remotely reporting the state of equipment in service or in standby.


Concentrator for Iconec

Concentrator card adaptable to the entire range of ICONECS allowing the acquisition of 24 information distributed over 12 channels.


Repeater board for CT24E-02

Repeater card for connecting 1 to 32 CT24E-02 modules.

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